Finalist- Perdana Foundation Essay Competition

Months back, I remember hogging my MacBook and finishing up one last blogpost for the Perdana Leadership Essay Foundation Competiton (Blogpost Category A). I was one day behind the dateline but still I posted it on the 1st of December and you can check that here: The Mantle of Young Citizens

Three months later, I found my blogpost here on the Perdana Leadership Essay Competition website where it was announced as one of the finalists for the Category A Blogpost! After jumping sky high as it was the first time I ever got into a Competition’s finals, I began posting on Facebook (after reactivating it once again) and requested most of my friends to like the post. I did the same with Daddy’s as well as G’s Facebook πŸ™‚
Things have gone well so far and my blogpost has 65 likes currently and it tops the other ones which only have 5,9 and 1 like respectively. I do hope I can at least get 150 likes by the time they close the voting period (no so sure when it ends)

Dear reader who has been reading this post, I’d like to ask a favour from you and it is none other than liking my post. If you could, please proceed to this website: Perdana Leadership Essay Foundation and like my post by clicking the ‘like’ button at the top. Thanking you in advance for your help and May God Bless You!!

p/s: do wait for my forthcoming post which would definitely be about the results πŸ™‚



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