This Christmas – my Dupatta failed me

This year, my dupatta didn’t get stuck anywhere, but sometime around this time last year I was in Santa’s ‘Nice’ list (I won’t tell you what he gave me, so don’t be so sibuk – jkjk).
I had a Blessed Christmas and here’s what I did!

You know what, I finally think Christ was born in my life because  (*drumroll* please) today, I decided to stop lying and finally blog. Few days back I was finally done with my blog header. Yes, you read it right I took 5 hours to do that cute lil’ pinky thing by myself (you better tell me it looks nice).

Now let me rant about my Christmas

So I had 3 hours of sleep as I was doing this for church. (patience, the picture is below, lemme write first) It was actually inspired by something I found online but the background was so sad, so I decided to be a good Samaritan and spend my sleeping time (but it was totally worth it). After which I realised that my hair was looking like a toilet brush and that I needed to do it. I got G to help me do a teeny bit of my hair while I was doing the banner and poor child, even she had to stay up. And tadaa… This is what I came up with.

“It looked really nice in church”, Me
This inspired me

Wearing a dress and looking English-y on Christmas (as what my Home Minister says) is too mainstream (I had to think of excuses) , so I decided to go with a Punjabi suit – hoping that the dupatta would get stuck in some fella’s  sherwani. The problem here is, my dupatta was behaving itself (I mean it wasn’t slipping off my shoulders) and no fella wore a sherwani (‘coz it wasn’t Diwali in church, duh).

thank God, the walls, my face and my photographer – G, coordinated

Once the whole service was over I got to fool around and laugh with my friends, wish everyone around Blessed Christmas, pinch all the lil kids who looked so adorbs (parents, keep your kids away from me) and then I got home. Nope, more like I got in the car an opened my gift right away (thanks Uncle JK! – I hope you read this)

As of now, I’ve been having a really quiet and peaceful Christmas (Christmas is not just one day okay, for me its till January). Every Christmas has been a different one for me and this year even though I was too tired to go out or do anything else today (except eatttttt and blog) I’m kinda happy that I’ve finally gotten some ‘me time’.

Wishing everyone around (or else I’ll sound rude – jkjk) a Blessed Christmas and you’ve got few more days till everyone starts sending you whatsapps saying Happy New Year!

Even though, Christ was born more than 2000 years ago, I hope he was born in your life today! (now I sound like a Pastor)

xoxo, Kezia!


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