Nope, baby. You’re not forgotten

Excuse me, I was talking to my blog. It has been like 5 days since I found time to write (because I used my time to watch HIMYM).

By now you know that someday I might make a living out of lying (don’t worry, I won’t). I promised myself that I’d update this baby of mine regularly and well it has been sometime (you’re lucky I’m not saying this after a year). Sometimes I wish I had like either 30 hours a day or maybe learn to …(still thinking).

Initially, I planned to do a post (or maybe a few) summing up on the stuff that happened this year, but you know me I’m the busiest lazy person (which still makes me busy) and it’s going to take me awhile to do that.

In the meantime, here’s what I learnt in 2016 :

I learnt to share.

My happiness, sadness, family, loved ones, time and most of all myself.

Incase 2016 was a human, here’s what I’d say to her/him:

Dear 2016,

thank you for teaching me to #belikeKezia (it was kinda viral this year). At some point I definitely got annoyed at the stuff you hurled at me but it’s okay (coz your siblings a.k.a 1997-2015 did the same). Thank you for making all the nice people stand by me during my tough times and please let them stay (unless they annoy my soul). Incase you’re kind enough – please tell 2017 that I need to grow taller because everyone still thinks I’m in primary (unintended exaggeration). XOXO for being considerably nice.

Love, Spice

This was a few days back, not years! (I look young, thanks)


Blessed New Year everybody (in advance)!

Here’s some free advice – you might wanna switch off your wi-fi/mobile data before the whole world starts sending you wishes on whatsapp or those oh-so-free people start tagging you and 50 other random people on a Facebook wish.



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