Resolution – 2017 x 365 pixels

Well everyone who knows me obviously knows that I’m kinda absent minded (sometimes) and this always happens when I constantly hang around with my phone and forget on wth is happening around me. Occasionally Frequently, mumzy (previously known as Home Minister) gives me these free ceramahs (lectures) and it sometimes it makes me wish I could record and post them on Youtube. You’d never know who’d be seeing and benefiting from it and probably I’ll have to sleep under the mango tree that night because of that.

I blabber a lot. Let me get back to where I was…Absent minded.

SOS, I’ve got a problem. I still think it’s 2016. Worst scenario – when someone tells me that something is happening in 2018, I get so emo that 2018 is far far  far away. Actually it’s just 17424 hours away (yes I used my calculator. I’m an aspiring liar auditor). So incase you’ve got a remedy for forgetful fanny’s like me do send me some advice.

In the mean time you’re thinking, here’s my resolution for this year! *drumroll*

Sorry to interrupt your enthusiasm in reading. Meet my mantra for 2017. It comes with a complimentary picture of my face.

Go ahead, ask yourself !

(And now you can continue reading)

1.Learn how to cook simple meals in a cooker kind of thingy (idk what you really call it coz mumzy got me). Incase you’re wondering :

1. a) why cooker, my apartment doesn’t have a stove and they don’t want students burning stuff instead of studying.

1.b) why cook? I try my best to live a healthy and lazy life. It’s so much better when you just sit in the hall and eat your food rather than going from pillar to post finding for food. Plus, nothing beats eating your food in perfect peace with video and earphones one. (I’m on energy saving mode 24/7) And this leads to me asking myself

1.c) What the world am I going to cook. I promise I’ll tell once I find out the answer (thank you for waiting).

2.Be  rajin and try to blog few times a week. I’m at home now and I can’t even seem to be doing this! Hopefully I’ll do this in college.

3. Do more of praying because I’ve been so ungodly last year (I guess) and read the Bible as well.                                                                                                                                                          Ungodly here means -> the action of my smart self not praying at home/college etc and just waiting till I go to church over the weekends/ waiting for the time I got into trouble.

4. Save my hair and try out some natural products.

Avocado. Honey. Cow dung. Anything. As long as my original hair grows back.

I honestly regret relaxing my hair few years ago (cries in French/Tamil/Malay/insert any language).

Long story but here’s the trailer. The hairdresser (I blammeee him) cut my hair super short till I looked worse than a mushroom made me decide to relax my hair. New hair grew it was looking so weird and to look ‘lookable’ (this word doesn’t exist but I had to use it) during functions I frequently ironed it. (blame weddings & events I had to attend) thus my ‘toilet brush’ hair came to life.

And the list goes on.

I figured out that I’ll take things easy. For now the only thingy I’ve been doing all my life is check my phone 24/7, eat, sleep, pee&poop, study, travel (and by travel I mean travel to and fro to college) and trying this whole goody-goody lifestyle is gonna be a bit hard. Probably every month I’ll think of something new I want to accomplish besides the 4 stuff above. Be kind and wish me luck.



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