Petite Picasso

You should follow me on instagram, not because I post nice pictures of myself and not-so-nice pictures (I call them candid) of others -jkjk, but purely because Insta Stories is where I showcase my talent- in drawing (don’t you dare tell me those are scribblings).

According to my estimation, my drawings could fetch more than millions. I might consider becoming a professional scribbler (oops! artist) and then I can kiss ACCA goodbye.

Look at this picture, it fetched $46.5 million!!!painting

The person who bought it should have gone and got checked by the optometrist, gynaecologist, cardiologist, and anyone else who is vetti (free) in the hospital! Ade paavigela, it’s just blue, yellow and worth millions.

Now look at mine!

How inspirational! extra points for me.

I use a way more colours and you can understand what I’m trying to say. Some of my Insta Stories have words too- they’re excerpts from a Facebook page.

You know what auditing firms, keep your offer letters (incase you plan on sending me one). I’m just gonna sit in Popular, empty all the pink,black, red, yello Buncho watercolours – just scribble and draw shapes. If the officials chase me out of the shop, they shall be warned on the consequences of disturbing an artist.

Then, I’ll name myself Petite Picasso, have an exhibition (it’s gonna end up in my housing area), sell the paintings and become a million-hair.

So here goes my target market:

  • The only person who is going to willingly buy my amahhzingg looking drawing will be Daddy. Just so you know even if I squiggle in Spanish and give something, pops appreciates talent – my talent.
  • Not planning to approach Mrs. Home Minister as I’ll end up doing the dishes in the kitchen and that will jeopardise my career.
  • Forget about G, she’ll think my art is mediocre and an aspiring artist does not need that kind of negativity.
  • My Prince Charming, (in the future) you will get a complimentary drawing and milo (since I’m still figuring out how the heck to cook). Whether, you like it or not, you will be forced to smile and accept my token of appreciation for putting up with all my nonsense (more to come).
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S – To whomever I address as coconuts/donkey/cow you all will be given discounts. You all can even chose between the printed/digital version of my drawings (both same price, no bargaining).

Now let’s get to biz-ness.

This 2017, Petite Picasso (PP) is offering the world her wide range of artwork. Some can be custom made too. PP aims to make everyone in her artwork look fit and fab this year with her speciality – stick man drawings! (#bodygoals).

Purchase her artwork via Instagram for RM 1000 (for first 3 people only). The remainder will be auctioned off for millions. Proceeds will be used to fund her high-heels shopping spree, roti jalas, ice-creams and a bunch of other “essentials”.











The above are samples that can be customized. 

P.s. accounting firms, do send me offer letters at least I’ll have a backup if my PP biz fails. After all I wanted to be an auditor. #tillgraduationdouspart.


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