Trial Month Over

My trial month a.k.a January 2017 didn’t turn out to be that bad. Here’s the inside scoop. (this might be a long post and incase you are busy, I demand that you still continue reading it- jkjk).

  1. Celebrated G’s birthday at home (in my market shorts). Managed to surprise her because Ray, San and Bern planned it and I only helped to open the house gate. (Don’t snort. That’s a big contribution you know, or else they’ll be standing on the road, in the rain, with the cake). Above is a decent photo of us, in same outfits, try’na squint and look at the camera.
  2. Went to Sunway Lagoon and came out #likeaboss within 4 hours. I might probably go there 200 more times now that I have a passport. hahaha, I haven’t even visited the pasar malams in Seremban more than 15 times, I guess Sunway Lagoon is just a more urban one. Plus oosi kathe is always nice. A big big big thank you my friends – ‘coconuts’, who came along with me even though the donkey weather forecast said it’s gonna be thunderstorm.
    2 are single, the others – questionable. #formetoknowandforyoutobuatbodoh

    I’m indebted to y’all for making sure some car didn’t run over me while I was texting and walking aimlessly for that 1.5 days. (I give y’all front row seats when I get married okay? – but don’t forget the presents, this includes the other remaining coconuts too.)

  3. Woke up early/was punctual for classes (don’t expect me to come early to tinneran all okay). Usually I blame the OKU-ness of my phone which fails to wake me up or my deafness which makes me oversleep.This year, I’m taking my early twenties very seriously so I was punctual for 28 classes so far (I just went and counted the number of classes from my timetable – so jobless)
  4. Fell sick a zillion times – besides mum, dad, G & friends, I noticed that all the influenza, sorethroat-za viruses started loving me endlessly. Know of someone who falls sick twice a week? – That’s me.
  5. Kept up with some of my resolutions (you can read it here). Sadly, I didn’t manage to find cow dung to put on my hair, but I stayed away from ironing/blowing my toilet brush hair. To my surpriseeeee, I managed to blog too. And please, don’t ask me about cooking, mummy’s cooker-ish thingy is back at home, getting some rest.
  6. Discovered that my life was a lie and that I loved drawing. And by drawing I mean drawing stick-man. Thank God for instagram, I could show case my talent. You too can see them for yourself here. 
  7. Improved my Tamil with the help of Santhanam, Vivek, and the Vadivelu. Here are some words I can teach you (might have came across them earlier) –

a) tinneran : eat     b) oosi kathe : free air

Now I need to go and learn what the heck ISA 315, IAS 40 and a couple of other lame but live-saving stuff. Toodles!







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