Celebrating Valentine’s

What if Valentine’s Day was a marketing technique to finish of all the leftover chocolates by selling them at a higher price? This Valentine’s learn from me ūüėõ

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Incase you are reading this post on the 13th /14th February, there are high chances that either you’re single, a rational human being (here’s¬†a medal), or plainly an accountant/auditor to-be. Anyway, here’s what you’ve saved yourself from –

1. buying a handful of overpriced chocolates,

2. rushing out of the house at 4pm to reach that fancy dinner place or else you’ll be stuck in the jam (jam as in traffic jam, not in a bottle of blueberry jam!),

3. praying that the petals in the bouquet of flowers stay in-tact till it reaches whoever it’s supposed to

4. trying to smell good by emptying 1/2 of your bottle of perfume (you’d smell so good -no need to mandi¬†for the next whole week)

5. pulling off the whole romantic look, ensuring you don’t look like a vampire with that mascara thingy.

6. trying make everything “on-point” and “lit”, as if the world is gonna end tomorrow night and you’ll never have another day to celebrate with your significant half.

The list goes on and on, but wait – when was the last people (and by saying people, I mean you) realised that they should be celebrating their loved ones everyday? You think they exist on the day before Valentine’s day then pooff, gone in a puff of smoke?

Beside’s, I got to my senses and realised that Valentine’s day usually means siding/supporting/pampering/ spoiling women (which is goooood!). However, the last time I checked, men were a part of the human race too!

#BoyfriendGoalsBox. Such a pretty flat lay and the stuff cost RM 300. pc: RADKL

The above picture is obviously for girls, but why don’t I see similar stuff for guys – talk about equality here.

Here’s what I found (nothing indecent since I did my own research/assumption) for¬†the ultimate #GirlfriendGoalsBox:

1. ¬†The last time I got lectured regarding some comic-thingy, there was something called DC Comics and Marvel. If your fella likes gaming and Marvel (don’t buy this if he is a DC Comics fan, he’ll just run away – I guess) you can get this from Amazon, it’s approximately RM 570. Besides loving you and your life, he will love this mouse next. mouse-vdayHere’s a tip – make sure you use your own money, credit card or what ever which keeps you safe so that you don’t have to face the Supreme Judge & lawyers (a.k.a your parents) in court (the living room at home). They might give you serupaddi if they find out you bought a mouse for a freaking RM 570 (the things we do to show our love).

2. Buy him stuff he’s always wanted even though sometimes you might not like it. For example, the keyboard below – I would put this in a tadika computer lab to encourage kids to be IT savvy because it looks so colourful. You’d never know how life-changing/life-enhancing it can be for him. (hahahahaha, I’m tryna imagine myself buying this)keyboard

3. Cook something¬†out of love since everybody loves food! Even if it turns out crappy he’ll be happy to try it and then maybe you guys can order McD/PizzaHut/any other food which tastes like food.

After all these years, I don’t really see why people are gung-ho celebrating each other for a day and not really for the rest of their lives. Like hello, what’s the point of celebrating only for February 14th? They sell chocolates/roses/mouses/keyboards/clothes/insert anything you feel like getting – for the rest of the year too, get them occasionally to surprise him or her.

Don’t get me wrong, you can buy roses, flowers, a flower pot, or even the entire Cameron Highlands and Holland (their tulips are so beautiful) for Valentine’s. But I’m 101% sure your efforts are going to be of waste if you don’t have something priceless to offer in your relationship.

Here¬†is something money can’t buy, not only this Valentine’s but all through out your life – Honesty, Sincerity and True Love.

If not for those, you might end up buying dozens of roses, boxes of chocolates or cooking for a different person each year (so not fun and it takes a lot of tissues).

Therefore, this Valentine’s,take my tip (you can thank me later)…

  • Stop creating constructive obligations for the following years. Mind your own business (MYOB) and celebrate love all year round, except today!
  • If Mr/Ms. Best Half offers you that Marvel Mouse thingy/ the pretty look box with 6 tiny macaroons and other stuff, tell them :-

“As per the ACCA code of Ethics and Conduct the presents are not of modest value and might impair your judgement when future misunderstandings occur. Politely decline the gifts offered(even though you badly want them).”

Pheww… I just revised a teeny weeny bit of IAS 37 and Professional Ethics (Audit).


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