Corporate Social Responsibility

Our aunties (especially if they’re Indian) are unreputable when it comes to corporate social responsibility (CSR). They are so into it that you’ll forget about Microsoft, Google and Walt Disney company – the top 3 companies for CSR (no need to be so sibuk and Google, I got this from Forbes). 

Why do I say so?

this is self-explanatory

Well, they’re just are super duper caring nowadays [read: busy body (dictionary), menjaga tepi kain orang lain (find this in your peribahasa book)]

Once you’re done with SPM they make sure you get into college and you’ve got to choose based on what the whole world wants except yourself. Don’t accidentally tell them you are interested in becoming an artist, they’ll say inthe paint-addikerethela orru vellaiah? ollunga paadi! (translated as- is painting even a job? Study properly!) Then, after a few years they’ll be interested in knowing when you’ll graduate as if they’re the owners of Jobstreet whereas they’re just CEOs of VaayadiStreet. (vaayadi – talkative)

Two years will pass by and then someday they’ll say their brother’s son’s daughter’s son’s great grandson (just exaggerating, but you get the point – they just try to introduce some stranger) is available, has a big car, good job etc. And you’ll be like, hello, I’m not going to live in his car/at his office so why bother telling me? Come on aunntyyyy, there’s Instagram, Facebook (I can’t think of any other social media because these are currently dominating) and if we are super interested in your uncle’s son’s great grandson we saw at a wedding, we’ll do the stalking and the talking – of course.

You name it, we’ll do – if we’re are super interested. You want the fella’s bestfriend’s sister’s name for your son – we got you covered. Where he works – we’ll go do some field work and inspection to find his office. If he likes someone else – we’ll hire an undercover in his office itself. His favourite food – the restaurant owner nearby house/office will become our bff. A list dumb things he did when he was 14 – his facebook will be our source of evidence. This is how we roll these days. (Anyways, now that I love eating Samosa, I stopped rolling this way long back)

If we needed your advice on what to study, when to get married, whom to get married to, how our wedding should be etc etc, they would have appointed y’all as counselors in our university, but sadly, they didn’t, therefore, P.L.E.A.SE. L.E.A.V.E. U.S. Don’t get us wrong, we love your scrumptious cooking but we’d love you more if you don’t be Auntypedia (senior version of Wikipedia) and try to silently rule our lives with your perceptions. So aunty, don’t bother calling our mums and arrekeraning (lecturing) them on how to manage their girls, okay?


the 21st Century’s free-spirited-ladies.

(p.s. no offence to all the super-nice aunties all there. This was for fun, but incase the above rings a bell, please stop doing likewise 😛 )


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