Beyond I Love You

Guess what, people around me seem to love hearing/reading/gossiping (I’m not so famous though) about my non-existent (maybe) relationship. rolls on the floor laughing (rotfl). This is because, whenever I post stuff relationship themed it definitely gets a way moreeeeee hits than the other posts! Like that’s so unfair, how would my other normal posts feel (if they were humans)?

FYI, I utter the phrase ‘I Love You’ almost thousands of times a week (I’m so lazy to count). Before you start making assumptions, I actually say that almost every night to Mrs. Home Minister (Mr. Prime Minister is too cool for that) which makes it one of the frequently uttered sentences in a week. But here’s a phrase which would go beyond the number of times I’ve said I Love You **drumroll**        **mankathabgm**

Aiyoo, I’m so tired la.

Surprise! See what I did there. You might have thought that an ‘I love you’ is always followed by ‘I miss you’  but as for me:

I    A M    T I R E D.   A L W A Y S.

And guess what?! The whole world (I mean aunties in church) has told me that I look tired. They’ve said it to me like zillion times (I swear  promise – mumzie said cannot swear swear all)! I used to look like a marshmallow – round, tiny and adorable (I assume + people G said so) but here’s how I am right now:


I don’t look like an extreme mess, but you get the point – I’m tired.

I guess it’s because I’ve got lots of stuff up in my cauliflower (I mean my head) which I’ve got to settle and I’m constantly looking at my phone, my planner, my phone. Well, that’s because I don’t want to miss a thing and cause chaos.

I haven’t caused ‘chaos’ so far but here’s something similar which I did. (and I felt, feel and will continuing feeling bad):

Recently, I didn’t put Lin’s birthday on my calendar, thinking that I’d remember the date properly. All I did was, call her 2 days in advance at 12am (sharp) and yell ‘Happy Birthday’ in my high pitched voice. I. was. so. dumb. How did I forget the date! Obviously, she was chuckling away at my misery. I’ve been seeing and wishing Lin every year for the past 7 years in school and then this year I do something so so so silly. Don’t worry she’s still super duper close friends with me. But I think that’s just because I know lots about her and I can blackmail her incase she ‘unfriends’ me.

I’ve had lots of memories with her back in high school and she’s definitely one person I can always talk to despite being away (and busy) for long! I miss the dumb stuff we did in school. She was my private investigator, poem partner (she writes all the sad poems & stories), annoying deskmate (idk how I could bear with her for 5 years) and my radio karat (she sings with her considerably bad + okay nightingale – like voice [had to change, or she’ll be mad]).

I had to look through a bunch of old photos on my laptop to get this photo of us 5 years ago:

15 year old Naina, Lindevi and myself.

I hope you rock a saree on my wedding day (front row seats if you do!).

Honestly, I’ve got loads of memories with many of my friends back from school, so much that I can write a book. I should probably start a segment/category called “Messy Monday Memories”. The last I saw my bunch of high school friends was 2 years back (I guess). Idk where they are right now, but incase y’all are reading this – I MISS YOU COCONUTS.

On another note, I’m just hoping that this “tiredness” of mine doesn’t continue. I definitely don’t want to forget any other important dates.

Attn: Mrs. Home Minister, would you please not give me free lectures that I’m always hanging on my phone? See the extent of damage I suffer when I try living without it!

(P.s. despite the title, this post wasn’t about my relationship. hahaha. **evil laugh**)

#JK #samosaforlife #foodrules


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