keziaHey there, my name is Kezia. My age and height don’t go hand in hand. But trust me, I’m old. I wonder who first created high heels, but I definitely owed the person a lot. Yes, I am high heel crazy and I wish I had a different pair for each outfit in my closet. I love looking good occasionally but other than that, a pair of jeans and t-shirt would do for college. Speaking about college, I aspire to be a Chartered Accountant (I could have said accountant, but then CA sounds nicer) and I’m currently doing ACCA. (CAT was a wayyy back).

Usually, I appear to be a quiet and shy demure looking girl but then, looks can be deceiving. I’m actually a loquacious and loud voiced short girl and I don’t deny that I can be really annoying (sometimes).

One similarity between Leonardo Da Vinci and I would be, ambidexterity. For all those who are wondering what in the world that is, ambidexterity is “the state of being equally adept in the use of both left and right appendages” – Wikipedia. So yeah, I can write, colour, draw, play Badminton and do lots of other stuff using both my right and my left hand but ambidexterity also explains why I can’t catch a ball (most of the times) and why I always run into people while walking. Oh wait, the difference between Da Vinci and I – he’s famous, I’m not (hahahaha).

Last but not least, I love writing, sharing my thoughts, ranting decently and that is why I created this blog of mine. I do hope you love reading my posts as much as I love writing them.




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