Turning Twenteen

21 days ago, I turned 20 (it’s pronounced twenteen, because I cannot accept the letters ‘ty’ when I state my age). The back pains and heel pains, as well as headaches I get, are a clear sign that – I am aging (sobs, I sound so old). Well, that reminds me to wear high heels less often too. But in case you know me, you know my hatred for kitten heels, like hello, you either wear flats or 4 inches. No in-betweens please, coz those 2 inches heels are considered a disgrace to the high heel wearing community. Okay, no more rants about being old, old is gold –  also no one wears gold anymore. (double ouch).

Now, to be decent enough, I’ll give you a recap of almost everything which took my breath away. After all, my twenteenth (20th) year was ah-mazing, filled with discoveries, rediscoveries and most importantly – they year I fell in love. Continue reading “Turning Twenteen”


2 States

The book 2 States: The Story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat depicts the love story of a guy and girl in 2 states (duh) – Punjab and India, who face hardships in convincing their parents to approve of their marriage.

Here’s my version of 2 States, and don’t worry, as of now it doesn’t involve my marriage (idk if in the future it might…) Also, for literary purposes, please consider Klang as a state, although it isn’t.  Continue reading “2 States”

Bridesmaid Band

Woah, it feels great to be back again doing the things you love. It took me 5 months to finally write again, so you better pray hard that I don’t go missing for the next 6 months. Lemme just say that life has been really nice to me according to Romans 8:28 (you don’t need to go to Rome to find out what’s written, just Google it or go read the Bible). I’ve been getting so much love this past month and sometimes it makes me wonder how God can work in different ways (I sound so holy, Amen).

Last week’s Seremban Convention held in church was the highlight!

I practically spent 15 hours a day in church, from Monday to Sunday looking at the faces I love. It was soooo much fun, walking around with Girl Gang, cleaning the toilets (oh yeah, 6 times a day to be precise), helping the aunties and uncles in the kitchen, doing each others hair (I mean G did our hair, coz the rest of us have tangan kayu), rushing to get the slides for the projector done and running errands for everyone because we’re young, mobile and agile plus we’re just helpful la. In the midst of all this, we even had time to plan our outfits on watsapp, how to counter attack anyone who asks us questions (Ray and I were in charge of the counter attacking department).

So the question now is. Who. are. these. bunch. of. people. I absolutely love spending time with. (takes a tissue and wipes my tears – oh how I miss them right now)

Tadaa… Lo and behold, one of the main reasons (besides God) I go to church.

kezia pic
Ray, Bern, Girlboss, San, Shoran, G

They’re the people whom I can count on to investigate a fella I like. And woah, they do a pretty decent job investigating. Someday when I graduate I might as well start a Private Investigation firm. With the skill set they have, they can take stalking to a verreh level.

They can wash toilets well, more like they enjoy washing the church toilets. Mother in laws, take note. Maids are not needed, my friends do a way better job. Dear aunties, by now you should know who to ponne pakkeran (just saying, you can thank me later).

Jokes aside, their simplicity amazes me. We’ve all grown together for the past few years.

They saw me leave for college, surprised me on birthdays, slept over at each others house, shared pyjamas, annoyed the hell out of each other, fought like cats and dogs, troubled our parents (every single time we created spontaneous plans), stalked people like pros and laughed like maniacs every single time we met, wiped each others tears. In short, I can be sure to walk in their house eat their food, wear their clothes, take their stuff and their parents wouldn’t say a single thing.

I thank God for these coconuts and am absolutely gonna miss them when they go to college, start working, after we get married. I’ve already started praying that someday all of us find fellas in the church and get married. (P.s. incase you’re from CPM and you’re reading this, consider marrying either of my friends. Also take note that I’ll take extra effort to kill you incase you hurt them. Thank you in advance. ) I now have to rack my head on the type of gown they’re going to wear in 6 years time. #Godblessthetailor


verreh = different ; ponne pakkeran = seek for a bride