Sweet Sarcasm


According to research (done by Prof. RKH Muthu – obviously) travelling via public transport i.e. KTM, LRT, BRT, bus, batmobile etc increases creativity and sarcasm by leaps and bounds. Below are some excerpts from the thoughts that run in my mind! 6 hours of journey bro, what else do you expect. A big thank you to modern day applications such as ‘Evernote’ – I’ve never stopped noting down my excessively sarcastic & sweet thoughts.

I’m supposed to be studying for my P3 mock exams, but I’m in need of a break from Mr Porter, Mr Harmon, Ms Swimlane (don’t worry it has nothing to do with swimming) and a bunch of other people. So yeah – it’s time to de-stress (something which I’ve been doing since morning)

Previously, I’ve posted some of these via insta stories and some of my fans (I mean friends) did have a good laugh! Have fun reading, incase you didn’t laugh, don’t tell anyone else that you didn’t.

Let’s start off with something really…. ummm. spicy.

an Evernote screenshot

Dear ACCA, despite our love-hate relationship, I’ll always thank you for what you’ve taught me. I am also considering if I should become a detective next. Please advise.

Next Up: When in doubt, wear slippers.


With or without high heels, a lady should know how to protect herself. You can thank me for this free advice, later.

Ps. serrupe addi = getting whacked with a slipper/sandals

Introducing: my travel mate – Mr LRT


I was so near to singing Let It Go in the train, but considerate me didn’t wanna offend the other passengers with my oh-so-Siti-Nurhaliza-like voice, so I decided to shut up sit.

Last but not least: A note to Mr Prince Charming’s parents. 


In short, I’m short – yet filled with sweet, spice, sarcasm and everything nice.

Till the next time!



Meet Mr Fiancé

It has been quite some time, precisely 1 year+ ever since I got into a relationship, few months ever since I got engaged and I think it’s time you meet Mr. Fiancé. Previously, I’ve mentioned about visiting us at our humble abode here, but I’m assuming many of you are still confused on where we live and on how the heck he looks. So here’s a picture of him (cue: awwww. I’m so sweet). *drumroll*

Tadaa. Lo and behold, my future in red. He’s so sweet, caring, loving, torturing, stressful and so much more that ‘his’ parents decided to name him – ACCA, Think Ahead.


He has been playing such a biggggg (I cannot emphasise more) role in my life, so much that I’m wondering who, when and how am I supposed to get married (to a real human, of course). Mr. Fiancé has been the main reason I stopped eating lots of samosa’s and spending lesser time with my family, best friend, friends and everyone else under the sun.

Last week, I had a meeting (I mean Mock Exams) with Mr. Fiancé. Gosh, I was in such a mess, skipping all my other work, running helter skelter to find for my sweater and stationeries. I remember during one of our meetings where I was supposed to take notes (a.k.a writing down answers on the exam paper), I was freaking distracted because of the stuff that were running in my mind and I was using liquid paper (read: correction tape) more than I used my pen! But honestly, I extend my deepest sympathies to the person who’s going to mark my F9 paper though (I’m sorry teacher, incase you’re reading this).

Life is tough with him but nevertheless I said, YES – to love and to cherish every complicated IAS, to honour every single IFRS, to be on time for every 8am class even if it means missing breakfast and wearing jogging pants (I don’t jog, I bought that pants for fun and now I use it to class), to respect all the F-level and P-level papers, to worship all the audit firms for 3 years till I become certified Chartered Accountant and then to follow all the preset rules by the aunties’ of my society to get married fast etc etc… (Sorry the person you’re trying to contact is self-willed, please try again later for an illechevai.

That’s how ‘exciting’ my life has been people 😛 But hey, I’m still happy with all the zillions of stuff which have been happening too.

To whomever who has been waiting when the world would I post something true about my relationship(s), I suggest you keep waiting till Jesus comes. Amen. Blessed Easter (I’m so good at changing topics, Hallelujah!).

xoxo till the next time I rant write,


[ps: illechevai – I’m still finding how to explain it in english]

Don’t Send Me Music Videos

For me, love should either be in the form of buying me ice-cream (a tub would do), high heels (I dare you to show up with kitten heels) or simply just not sending me music videos.

Music videos usually don’t have lyrics (like obviously, you’re supposed to know) and that’s my problem. If you’re sending me the music video because of the pictures/scenery/how handsome the fella is then okay, but if you think that I’m going to listen to the lyrics/words behind it, you are so wrong – I never will!
I guess someone might have understood that.

There goes one of my favourite songs. I could have easily put the music video but no, I’m having it my way!






Resolution – 2017 x 365 pixels

Well everyone who knows me obviously knows that I’m kinda absent minded (sometimes) and this always happens when I constantly hang around with my phone and forget on wth is happening around me. Occasionally Frequently, mumzy (previously known as Home Minister) gives me these free ceramahs (lectures) and it sometimes it makes me wish I could record and post them on Youtube. You’d never know who’d be seeing and benefiting from it and probably I’ll have to sleep under the mango tree that night because of that. Continue reading “Resolution – 2017 x 365 pixels”

Nope, baby. You’re not forgotten

Excuse me, I was talking to my blog. It has been like 5 days since I found time to write (because I used my time to watch HIMYM).

By now you know that someday I might make a living out of lying (don’t worry, I won’t). I promised myself that I’d update this baby of mine regularly and well it has been sometime (you’re lucky I’m not saying this after a year). Sometimes I wish I had like either 30 hours a day or maybe learn to …(still thinking).

Continue reading “Nope, baby. You’re not forgotten”