If there was one thing I wanted to do at the beginning of April was to blog every day since I started working at a circus (I mean kindergarten). However, as time passed I thought blogging day in and day out about my circus ventures on taming the kids, yelling at them and my road to discovery on how the heck to make them listen might not be so interesting (especially when its done on a daily basis). So I’ll keep blogging about circus-garten aside and tell you about how life-changing Youtube can be.  Continue reading “Youtube”


FEmale! WOmen!

In case you still don’t know what “Sheroes”, “Me Too”, “Press for Progress”, “Women Up”, “Time’s Up”  and when “International Women’s Day” is celebrated, you’ve been living way too long under a coconut shell for a way too long, or either you must be a man.

So people, fe(male) and wo(men), here’s #myPressforProgress.

Cashier to a teacher to an auditor. I’m just waiting to become a Pilot. 

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Head over Heels

What would it feel like to blog every day despite being busy? I don’t know. I’m trying to try. Ok fine, jokes aside, I wanted to take this whole writing thingy seriously, as in not come after 2 years and say hello I’m alive, I still write and tadaa another blog post. So let’s just pray that this aim of mine stays on.

I met Bridesmaid Band at church yesterday. Like woohoo! I know, I saw them on Wednesday, but I’m not so sure on why we react like we haven’t seen for years. During dinner, we didn’t even bother sitting down to eat because… the tables are kinda big, and the seating arrangement would be a tad difficult. Sitting in a straight row would mean not involving the 6 of us in a conversation, whereas sitting opposite (3 by 3)   means we have to shout at one another and let everyone else know wth we are talking about – big NO NO. You see, we play smart, whenever we meet up, we update on all the things either of us missed out, plan what to wear, delegate what to do, feed each other the food either of us can’t finish (no wasting okay!).

But here’s another untold reason for why we don’t sit while eating.  Continue reading “Head over Heels”

Profess Your Love

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Profess (Your) Love = Lafazkan Kalimah Cinta. 


This happened a few weeks back. Just for the record, I didn’t have aunt flow or wasn’t PMS-ing in any way. If there’s one thing I’m well known for, it would be being impatient. I mean I’m well known for many things and one of it is being impatient.  Continue reading “Profess Your Love”

Jonathan and David

Surprised on how I ended up talking about two guys? Don’t worry, nothing of that weird sort is up. In fact, I’m at a stage where I kinda feel like throw chairs at every fella I see.(sis rowdy. lol. just kidding). Back on track. Who the heck are Jonathan and David?

One of the greatest friendships in the Bible can be depicted from Jonathan and David. Two bffs who’s friendship was tested due to Saul (Jonathan’s father) and David’s rivalry. As a Sunday School teacher, I’d like to tell you the story, but I ain’t got time for that. Just in case you don’t know what the world Sunday School is, I’ll tell you someday okay. But for now, just read on. Continue reading “Jonathan and David”

Tom & Jerry


All day, every day!


I’m kinda unsure of what kids nowadays watch, but 90s kids (Oh Lord, I sound so old) sure know Tom & Jerry. The irritating, annoying Tom in my life turned 24 today. As far as I can remember, fighting was a routine during our secondary & primary school days. In case you wonder, we never ran out of things to fight and here’s a typical school day to prove it:  Continue reading “Tom & Jerry”

Scales Don’t Lie

People! I have a problem. My weighing scale lies. So does my mirror.


So you see, I thought (now I don’t), I was ok sized, as in lesser than 40kgs, and a few days back I realised that my face was getting a lil rounder and probably I didn’t look much like I escaped from Somalia without food. To reconfirm I stepped on that dreadful weighing scale and found that I was 2kgs more than I expected. I alerted the whole house about my latest discovery and then started my journey to becoming fit. Continue reading “Scales Don’t Lie”