Profess Your Love

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Profess (Your) Love = Lafazkan Kalimah Cinta. 


This happened a few weeks back. Just for the record, I didn’t have aunt flow or wasn’t PMS-ing in any way. If there’s one thing I’m well known for, it would be being impatient. I mean I’m well known for many things and one of it is being impatient.  Continue reading “Profess Your Love”


Jonathan and David

Surprised on how I ended up talking about two guys? Don’t worry, nothing of that weird sort is up. In fact, I’m at a stage where I kinda feel like throw chairs at every fella I see.(sis rowdy. lol. just kidding). Back on track. Who the heck are Jonathan and David?

One of the greatest friendships in the Bible can be depicted from Jonathan and David. Two bffs who’s friendship was tested due to Saul (Jonathan’s father) and David’s rivalry. As a Sunday School teacher, I’d like to tell you the story, but I ain’t got time for that. Just in case you don’t know what the world Sunday School is, I’ll tell you someday okay. But for now, just read on. Continue reading “Jonathan and David”

Tom & Jerry


All day, every day!


I’m kinda unsure of what kids nowadays watch, but 90s kids (Oh Lord, I sound so old) sure know Tom & Jerry. The irritating, annoying Tom in my life turned 24 today. As far as I can remember, fighting was a routine during our secondary & primary school days. In case you wonder, we never ran out of things to fight and here’s a typical school day to prove it:  Continue reading “Tom & Jerry”

Scales Don’t Lie

People! I have a problem. My weighing scale lies. So does my mirror.


So you see, I thought (now I don’t), I was ok sized, as in lesser than 40kgs, and a few days back I realised that my face was getting a lil rounder and probably I didn’t look much like I escaped from Somalia without food. To reconfirm I stepped on that dreadful weighing scale and found that I was 2kgs more than I expected. I alerted the whole house about my latest discovery and then started my journey to becoming fit. Continue reading “Scales Don’t Lie”

Shut Your Mouth :P

Guess what! We finally put our Sunway Lagoon passport to good use after a long time! Sanzu, Pravs, Moots, Nar and myself went there yesterday. Mother Sanzu (named after Mother Theresa) came along but didn’t go on any of the rides coz she wasn’t feeling too well. Next to Jesus and Mrs. Home Minister, she’s one sacrificial person I can think of. We were supposed to get in the park at least by 1pm so that we’d come out early and spend time with Jusu and Navs but, God bless KTM and our time management, we were late (not surprised).  Continue reading “Shut Your Mouth :P”

What If…

Happy New Year 2018!

I know you’re probably thinking wth Kezia, get a calendar for yourself it’s freaking 17th January and you finally say Happy New Year?! What a disgrace.

Okay sorry, so here’s the thing I’ve been ultra busy. By busy, I meant that I needed to catch up with all the house chores, read my novels (957 pages, done within 10 hours), have a Masterchef marathon to inspire myself to cook and not burn the house. 10 videos later, I’m still finding inspiration, coz, fuh the small lil kids from Masterchef Junior are like saying fancy words such as zucchini, seared salmon, mashed petaytoes (that’s how they pronounce the word ‘Potatoes’, I got it after some time), and a list of stuff. They know how to cook weyh, I cannot tahan. Continue reading “What If…”

Turning Twenteen

21 days ago, I turned 20 (it’s pronounced twenteen, because I cannot accept the letters ‘ty’ when I state my age). The back pains and heel pains, as well as headaches I get, are a clear sign that – I am aging (sobs, I sound so old). Well, that reminds me to wear high heels less often too. But in case you know me, you know my hatred for kitten heels, like hello, you either wear flats or 4 inches. No in-betweens please, coz those 2 inches heels are considered a disgrace to the high heel wearing community. Okay, no more rants about being old, old is gold –  also no one wears gold anymore. (double ouch).

Now, to be decent enough, I’ll give you a recap of almost everything which took my breath away. After all, my twenteenth (20th) year was ah-mazing, filled with discoveries, rediscoveries and most importantly – they year I fell in love. Continue reading “Turning Twenteen”