What If…

Happy New Year 2018!

I know you’re probably thinking wth Kezia, get a calendar for yourself it’s freaking 17th January and you finally say Happy New Year?! What a disgrace.

Okay sorry, so here’s the thing I’ve been ultra busy. By busy, I meant that I needed to catch up with all the house chores, read my novels (957 pages, done within 10 hours), have a Masterchef marathon to inspire myself to cook and not burn the house. 10 videos later, I’m still finding inspiration, coz, fuh the small lil kids from Masterchef Junior are like saying fancy words such as zucchini, seared salmon, mashed petaytoes (that’s how they pronounce the word ‘Potatoes’, I got it after some time), and a list of stuff. They know how to cook weyh, I cannot tahan. My self-esteem is somewhere near the drain in my house. But it’s okay, sis sabar, I’m still doing good with my milo making, spreading Nutella on my bread, heating up the curry from the fridge, and making half-boiled eggs.


Speaking about Master Chefs. Mrs. Home Minister is kinda disturbed at how the Masterchefs from Australia waste one block of butter to cook a few potatoes. Few potatoes as is just 3-4 medium sized cubes. And she’s like, now we know wth Michelin star restaurants is super expensive, they need to cover for the ingredients they’ve wasted. So dear chefs from gourmet restaurants, in case you’re reading my blog (idk why you would, but in case you do), please explain your wasteful behavior to my mum. She is really concerned.

Reason No. #2

I don’t really know how others write, or how they get themselves to write, but for me, I usually blog when I’m happy. But don’t get me wrong, the number of posts doesn’t represent the times I’ve been happy coz I’ve been a way happier than the 21 posts I’ve written. However, ever since 1st Jan 2018, I have a bunch of ‘What If’s and they’ve been worrying me.

Here are some examples:

  • what if some coconut (I meant guy) comes to ponne pakeran
  • what if the mango tree falls
  • what if Malaysia ends up with a new season like winter
  • what if San & Shoransotong leave Seremban to further study
  • what if I grow shorter
  • what if I don’t pass P3

LOL. So the main thing which has been on my mind was what if I don’t pass ACCA’s P3. Almost a year ago, I had one nightmare with F9 and that was enough. Therefore, I was probably the holiest & best person both Jesus & God had witnessed for the past one and a half months.

I had lesser wars with G, did all the house chores, went for all the church meetings (I always do okay), I tried to like the people I dislike – I cannot love love all la. Too over. Besides, my name is Kezia (not Jesus) and fared well. Thank God I didn’t take my serrupe (slippers) and whack them whenever they said something stupid. Plus whenever I thought of mentally slapping, pulling their hair, whacking them with my heels, I thought of my P3 results and calmed myself down.

Finally, the day came, and by God’s grace, I passed P3 – wohoo. All my efforts of being like Mother Kezia (Mother Theresa) and Mahatma Ruth (Mahatma Gandhi) were paid off!

So now that my results are out, you probably think I can just lash anyone I dislike right? But nope, you’re wrong… I still have P1 to sit for. I badly need to be a good girl and pass it before the damn SBL thingy comes out. I ain’t sitting for P1 and P3 again baby.

Praying so hard that no one gets on my nerves very seriously for the next few months.

But coming to think of all the ‘nice’ things I’ve handled calmly, throughout the past months, it seems like good idea to handle evil with good. Thank God the Bible only says to love your enemies, not hug your enemies whenever you see them. That would have been so susah bhai. Jokes asides, it feels good to be at peace and carry with life, whilst those who irritate/annoy/aggravate you stay the same coz it runs in their DNA. Therefore, as much as I previously thought that I should be a bit angel-like till I pass the remaining papers in ACCA, I guess, it’s best to stay that way lifelong. After all, what you sow that’s what you will reap a.k.a karma.

Also to the (5) people who read my blog relentlessly, please pray that I don’t be such a lazy bum bum and blog more frequently.

Lastly, here is another one of Gordon’s insults. If you don’t get it, please pray for yourself, you need a sense of humour. xoxo, Kezia.



I got engaged

Female. Indian. Major (read: above 18)
3 suitors (sexist options available: law, medicine, accountancy)
1 choice.
And the rest is written (as my thaleielluthe [fate] ) on my blog.

#tillgraduationdouspart #ilikewhatido

This was supposed to be a top secret but I didn’t want people to miss me, so here’s the truth (lies, a lorry full of lies). I got engaged this Monday at 8.05 am. The engagement took place in my email – from ACCA, which sent shivers down my spine. Honestly, I’ve never been so scared of a damn email. It was bitter sweet, taking my relationship to the next phase. So much harder, yet blissful. Hopefully, I end up marrying him.

It took me a week to decide if my future husband and I would adopt a few kids. I decided to go with 3 and named them F7, F8, F9 (sorry, no nicer names available) . After class, I went to visit Mr.Hubby at his apartment and you can visit (us) too. Here’s our address incase you feel like paying a visit : HF 5661, Tun Hussein Onn Library, Sun-U. I’ve attached a picture too, so that you don’t lose your way find us. Complimentary curry puffs upon arrival (coz I love ’em) but  you might be chased out of the premises.

Behold, our humble abode

To commemorate, our engagement, I bought/stole from G goodies for myself. I’m counting on these stuff to help me raise my kids. Having invested an initial investment of RM 20 ++ for highlighters and pens (more to buy) hopefully, these kids of mine have a Payback Period of 6 months. I expect a positive return on investment (ROI) and I hope they don’t devise plans to senju me.

ACCA-engaged starter pack

Sorry, I didn’t have time and space to do engagement photo shoots, plus I didn’t want to look like a kirruke (mad person) posing with books in the library.

And here’s my two cents – incase you’d like to learn wth is payback period or ROI feel free to take CAT, ACCA, sacrifice your sleep, food, life, everything else and wait till you learn it in F9. (You can thank me once you register)

It’s probably going to take me a few more years depending on how fast or slow I want to commit and become a full time life-less person (not stating it here or else all the CCTV aunties will ask when I’m getting married, moving out, working, buying car/house/lorry/whatever la).

For sure I’ll be marrying the love of my life someday (real human) but till then, ACCA I’ll be with you till graduation do us part.