18 and Legal

My twin turned 18 today! Four years apart but she’s of the same height, same size, wears a similar kind of specs but most all she shares the same views as I do. And by views, I mean she shares the same love I have for heels. Among the entire Bridesmaid Band team, she’s one person who has taken my teachings on never wearing freaking kitten or court heels to any part of this world. Flats or 4 inch, nothing in between. Remember the time I told about someone wearing kitten heels during a wedding, if only I had told her, we would have teamed up to go educate that person. On another note, I pray that you understand our deepest feelings and respect for high heels and don’t show up with kitten heels to our weddings in the future. (Don’t get me wrong, Flats are allowed)

Idk what’s up with everyone nowadays that when you turn 18, they go around wishing you “Happy Birthday. You’re finally 18 and legal”. People told me that a few years ago and I was like huh? Legal? Legal as in I get to become a lawyer besides an auditor or what? Then I guess, San or Jessu schooled me on wth it actually means.

On her 18th birthday, I’m writing this to Cassandra Priyanka on the list of things she can ‘legally’ do.  Continue reading “18 and Legal”


Mood : Swing

Read about my latest venture here and how my first day there was, here. Once you’re done, read the post below.

After having an oh-my-God-I-can’t-believe-you-were-so-useless day in kindergarten, I was all geared up for Day 2. Deep down I was like seriously, no no no, I gotta win this. Make all the kids happy! That’s what they come to the kindergarten for. Kids would never understand what you teach them, but they’ll understand how you made them feel. Because till today, I remember, a Godzilla-like kindergarten teacher who yeellllledddd at me to write my ABCs, but thanks to her, I blog today.

I reached ON TIME, not before time. Went in, took my place at my fav spot a.k.a beside the swing and then the kids started coming. S.H.O.W.T.I.M.E  Continue reading “Mood : Swing”


In case you already don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into starting this April, click here.

I promised to update on how Day 1 went, but apparently, my alter-ego “Teacher Roo” had to come up with some art and craft for Parent’s Day. She ended up cutting micro-sized hearts and making a tuxedo out of used toilet paper roll. Karma is a gift from God, it makes you do the thing you have least patience in…

Not bad for a first timer! (note : self-praise is NOT international disgrace)


This is already my second week in kindergarten but let me give you a glimpse of what happened last week. Because I want you to know how professional-to-be finds her way amongst 100 boisterous kids, plus, I want to remember this day even in 10 years to come because DAY 1 was a Failure. With a capital F!

Day 1 – What Have I Gotten Myself Into?  Continue reading “MESSage”

Life in Reverse

Most of my friends are back in college moving on and finishing off their ACCA P-level papers. Guess where am I? Putting a reverse gear which has landed me in one of the places I never thought I would, a circus. Just kidding. But seriously, they should reconsider renaming “kindergarten” to “circus”.

Even before I have people calling me Ms. Ruth, CA Ruth, or Ruth the auditor or Ruth the short fun sized auditor, I have people calling me “Teacher Ruth”. When I stepped out of my kindergarten in 2003, I knew I was definitely coming back someday – and that was to send my kids to school. But fate had it that I should come back earlier than destined as a teacher.  Continue reading “Life in Reverse”

FEmale! WOmen!

In case you still don’t know what “Sheroes”, “Me Too”, “Press for Progress”, “Women Up”, “Time’s Up”  and when “International Women’s Day” is celebrated, you’ve been living way too long under a coconut shell for a way too long, or either you must be a man.

So people, fe(male) and wo(men), here’s #myPressforProgress.

Cashier to a teacher to an auditor. I’m just waiting to become a Pilot. 

Continue reading “FEmale! WOmen!”

Head over Heels

What would it feel like to blog every day despite being busy? I don’t know. I’m trying to try. Ok fine, jokes aside, I wanted to take this whole writing thingy seriously, as in not come after 2 years and say hello I’m alive, I still write and tadaa another blog post. So let’s just pray that this aim of mine stays on.

I met Bridesmaid Band at church yesterday. Like woohoo! I know, I saw them on Wednesday, but I’m not so sure on why we react like we haven’t seen for years. During dinner, we didn’t even bother sitting down to eat because… the tables are kinda big, and the seating arrangement would be a tad difficult. Sitting in a straight row would mean not involving the 6 of us in a conversation, whereas sitting opposite (3 by 3)   means we have to shout at one another and let everyone else know wth we are talking about – big NO NO. You see, we play smart, whenever we meet up, we update on all the things either of us missed out, plan what to wear, delegate what to do, feed each other the food either of us can’t finish (no wasting okay!).

But here’s another untold reason for why we don’t sit while eating.  Continue reading “Head over Heels”

Be Nice!

Bridesmaid Band, at home. We’re still finding for matching pajamas. Please email me if you have 6 of the same ones.

I have a crazy midweek ahead, but that means seeing Bridesmaid Band every single day. In case you don’t know who Bridesmaid Band are, click here. Here’s the thing, Ray, San and Shoran live at the same place, G and I live nearby them and then there’s Bern living in a continent away. Like seriously, she lives far far away that whenever we make crazy impromptu plans she doesn’t get to come along unless some good Samaritan is willing to drive her here. So this Ms. Bern of ours is turning a year older today!  Continue reading “Be Nice!”