FEmale! WOmen!

In case you still don’t know what “Sheroes”, “Me Too”, “Press for Progress”, “Women Up”, “Time’s Up”  and when “International Women’s Day” is celebrated, you’ve been living way too long under a coconut shell for a way too long, or either you must be a man.

So people, fe(male) and wo(men), here’s #myPressforProgress.

Cashier to a teacher to an auditor. I’m just waiting to become a Pilot. 

Girls Can Do Anything! The last time I knew, only uncles (I mean men) drove buses. But guess whattt, yesterday I saw a lady drive the BRT (bus) at USJ 7. If not for my frantic actions of flipping my monochrome notes an hour before my P1 exam, would have walked up to her, taken a selfie and congratulated her. I’m always going to be on the lookout for her. #stalker.

If there was something I always wanted to be ever since I was young was a cashier. But I kinda realized my childhood dream at one of Mr. Prime Minister’s friend’s shop. I took on the stint of a cashier while I went to visit that uncle’s family. But then I hated the fact that I had to handle cigarettes too. So you know what I did when some fella wanted to buy it, I made him feel bad, I took a tissue, wrapped it around my hand and dramatically moved it along the counter as if holding it was contagious. Then I made faces as the customer walked out. I was 11 back then.

I still am that way. So tempted to slap and teach the people who smoke. #Girlscandoanything

Then I found out that I was not cut out to be a cashier unless it was just at home. I’m still waiting for the day mummy, daddy or Prince Charming to buy me that cash register toy machine that I’ve been always eye-ing, last time it was RM 150. Idk how much they are priced now.

So then when I grew up I wanted to be multiple things.

First, a teacher, just because I wanted to mark books and scold kids, for the fun of it. After SPM, my dream came true! I started teaching tuition, marking that poor child’s book with all my colour pens and about scolding – God Bless that fourteen-year-old. But she liked me okay, I was a good teacher overall!

In the context of teaching, I still am a teacher. I do teach the kids at Sunday School and I love it. Yes, they are nine and almost my height but I love teaching them about Jesus and the Bible. I don’t scold them that much unless it’s nearing Children’s Day in church and that’s when they start behaving like the animals in Zootopia. I make the kids mark each other’s homework, in that way they get to use red pens and don’t go scribbling the walls in their house for the sake of it.

Moving on, when I was 12, playing badminton with Mr. Prime Minister (aka my dad), I asked him, what was the highest paying / best job in the world (i.e the one which everyone or every company needs in the world) and he told me : Chartered Accountant. So I went around telling everyone that I wanted to be a CA and even changed my sign which says – CAruth. Then, young and silly me went and signed a few bank documents and guess what, I still have to sign that way.

Fate and God’s will had it such that probably with a year or so, I would be having the initials CA behind my name, graduating as an ACCA student and soon to be an auditor.

If only knew my future husband’s name back then, I would have even included that in my sign and probably be marrying him in a few years! Now I have to wait for that smart Alex to come find me.

However, one unrealized dream of mine is to become a PILOT.


But thanks to the planes which either magically disappeared or sadly got shot in Ukraine, my dreams faced such a fate too.

Mummy and daddy were like, what pilot? No way, you’re so small, you’ll go missing in the cockpit, you’ll this and that, they’ll have to find you with a torchlight, you won’t reach the gear (or whatever fancy thing la). Your fingers might get stuck in the thousands of buttons. Then they came up with something smarter “if you wear specs cannot become a pilot”.

Oh. my. LORD.

So… I gave up by then, happily packed my bags to start CAT and ACCA in Sunway.

But thinking back. Now, I would do anything to Press for my Progress and become a Pilot. If I ever fly a plane once or at least get to sit in the cockpit for the entire flight and navigate a plane with the help of a qualified pilot – I would do somersaults in KLIA2. (I don’t know how to do somersaults, but for the sake of this, I would learn).

So, if you’re reading this and you’re friends with Tan Sri Tony Fernandez or Ms. Aireen Omar or anyone in charge of the Pilots in AirAsia (Or better still even if this post reaches them) could you please tell them this on my behalf:

Dear Tan Sri Tony/ any-kind-soul reading this from AirAsia,
I support your #GirlsCanDoAnything movement and this year I want to #PressforProgress. But could you please lecture my mother on how pilots can wear specs and you do accept people who are 5 foot-ish. Even if the aviation industry only accepts super tall pilots who don’t wear spectacles, please make my case an exception and brainwash my mum. Before I get into this world of auditing, I just want to jump on and fly one plane. I promise it won’t go missing or get shot. (Just from KLIA2 to Penang pun boleh la) Plus my mum will be praying like for 24 hours before we take off (extra protection from God himself!) The smallest Airbus would do. (I know Airbuses are huge, but you get it, let me fly your smallest plane, pleaseee).


AirAsia’s Soon-to-Be Pilot.

See, I even have my uniform ready. I just that cap kinda thingy (which pilots wear) and I’m good to go!

#AirAsiaMAKNA  REBEL shirt from FashionValet.com.




Head over Heels

What would it feel like to blog every day despite being busy? I don’t know. I’m trying to try. Ok fine, jokes aside, I wanted to take this whole writing thingy seriously, as in not come after 2 years and say hello I’m alive, I still write and tadaa another blog post. So let’s just pray that this aim of mine stays on.

I met Bridesmaid Band at church yesterday. Like woohoo! I know, I saw them on Wednesday, but I’m not so sure on why we react like we haven’t seen for years. During dinner, we didn’t even bother sitting down to eat because… the tables are kinda big, and the seating arrangement would be a tad difficult. Sitting in a straight row would mean not involving the 6 of us in a conversation, whereas sitting opposite (3 by 3)   means we have to shout at one another and let everyone else know wth we are talking about – big NO NO. You see, we play smart, whenever we meet up, we update on all the things either of us missed out, plan what to wear, delegate what to do, feed each other the food either of us can’t finish (no wasting okay!).

But here’s another untold reason for why we don’t sit while eating.  Continue reading “Head over Heels”

Be Nice!

Bridesmaid Band, at home. We’re still finding for matching pajamas. Please email me if you have 6 of the same ones.

I have a crazy midweek ahead, but that means seeing Bridesmaid Band every single day. In case you don’t know who Bridesmaid Band are, click here. Here’s the thing, Ray, San and Shoran live at the same place, G and I live nearby them and then there’s Bern living in a continent away. Like seriously, she lives far far away that whenever we make crazy impromptu plans she doesn’t get to come along unless some good Samaritan is willing to drive her here. So this Ms. Bern of ours is turning a year older today!  Continue reading “Be Nice!”

Profess Your Love

pc: pinterest

Profess (Your) Love = Lafazkan Kalimah Cinta. 


This happened a few weeks back. Just for the record, I didn’t have aunt flow or wasn’t PMS-ing in any way. If there’s one thing I’m well known for, it would be being impatient. I mean I’m well known for many things and one of it is being impatient.  Continue reading “Profess Your Love”

Jonathan and David

Surprised on how I ended up talking about two guys? Don’t worry, nothing of that weird sort is up. In fact, I’m at a stage where I kinda feel like throw chairs at every fella I see.(sis rowdy. lol. just kidding). Back on track. Who the heck are Jonathan and David?

One of the greatest friendships in the Bible can be depicted from Jonathan and David. Two bffs who’s friendship was tested due to Saul (Jonathan’s father) and David’s rivalry. As a Sunday School teacher, I’d like to tell you the story, but I ain’t got time for that. Just in case you don’t know what the world Sunday School is, I’ll tell you someday okay. But for now, just read on. Continue reading “Jonathan and David”

Tom & Jerry


All day, every day!


I’m kinda unsure of what kids nowadays watch, but 90s kids (Oh Lord, I sound so old) sure know Tom & Jerry. The irritating, annoying Tom in my life turned 24 today. As far as I can remember, fighting was a routine during our secondary & primary school days. In case you wonder, we never ran out of things to fight and here’s a typical school day to prove it:  Continue reading “Tom & Jerry”

Scales Don’t Lie

People! I have a problem. My weighing scale lies. So does my mirror.


So you see, I thought (now I don’t), I was ok sized, as in lesser than 40kgs, and a few days back I realised that my face was getting a lil rounder and probably I didn’t look much like I escaped from Somalia without food. To reconfirm I stepped on that dreadful weighing scale and found that I was 2kgs more than I expected. I alerted the whole house about my latest discovery and then started my journey to becoming fit. Continue reading “Scales Don’t Lie”